1) Semester:   Fall 2010

2) Course Reference Number:    80939

3) Course Credit Hours: 3

4) Meeting Times: F 11:00 - 1:45

5) Meeting Location: Library 136

6) Required Textbook: Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences by Jay L. Devore, 7th edition

7) Course description:     Calculus-based introduction to statistics. Basic concepts of probability, data collection, organization and presentation, descriptive statistics, random variables and their distributions, parameter estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing (t and chi-square tests). Emphasis will be on developing conceptual understanding, model selection, and interpretation skills. Meets Gordon Rule for Math.

8) Prerequisite(s): MAC 2311 with a minimum grade of C

9) Student Learning Outcomes:

                                                (i) University Goal #6 - Information literacy

                                                (ii) University Goal #7 - Problem-solving abilities

                                                (iii) University Goal #8 - Technological literacy