1) Semester:   Spring 2018

2) Course Reference Number:   12397

3) Course Credit Hours: 3

4) Meeting Times: MWF 12:30 - 1:20

5) Meeting Location: Merwin 107

6) Required Textbook: Blitzer - Thinking Mathematically

7) Course description: A survey course of various topics in mathematics, intended for students pursuing a degree in a nonscientific field. Topics will come from the general areas of financial mathematics, exponential growth, number systems and number theory, history of mathematics, voting methods, and graph theory.

8) Prerequisite: MAT 1033 for undergraduate level with minimum grade of C, or SAT Math score above 550, or Math Section score above 570, or ACT Math score above 24, or Accuplacer Algebra subscore above 090, or PERT Mathematics score above 123.

9) Student Learning Outcome: problem solving ability

Homework policy - ungraded homework suggested

Examination policy - closed book/calculator permitted quiz every Friday unless short week (holiday). Quiz scores equally weighted. Overall grade is average of quizzes. No make-ups. No extra credit.