1) Semester:   Fall 2016

2) Course Reference Number:    81032

3) Course Credit Hours: 4

4) Meeting Times: MWF 1:30 - 2:45

5) Meeting Location: Library 438

6) Required Textbook: Calculus by Stewart, 8th ancillary software or license required

7) Course description:     Introduction to the primary concepts and techniques of differential and integral calculus. Topics include limits and continuity, the derivative, differentiation and integration of algebraic and trigonometric functions, linearization of functions, Mean Value theorem, antidifferentiation, extrema and curve sketching, area and the definite integral, fundamental theorem.

8) Prerequisite(s): MAC 1147 with a minimum grade of C or MAC 2157 with a minimum grade of C or Accuplacer Coll. Math Subscore test with a minimum score of 087

9) SLO: primarily "problem-solving abilities"

10) Meets the General Education Program Intercultural Knowledge requirement for mathematics.

11) Meets the College Level Academic Skills requirement for mathematics

Explanation of homework and exam format here