1) Semester:   Fall 2010

2) Course Reference Number:    80844

3) Course Credit Hours: 3

4) Meeting Times: MW 6:30 - 7:45

5) Meeting Location: Library 443

6) Required Textbook: Trigonometry by Sullivan

7) Course description:     Trigonometry and analytic geometry, with applications. Topics include trigonometric functions, graphs of trig functions, identities, solving triangles, vectors, polar coordinates, conic sections, equations of conics, eccentricity and polar equations, parametric curves. This course is designed to meet teacher certification requirements for middle grades mathematics. Meets Gordon Rule for Math.

8) Prerequisite(s): MAC 1105 with a minimum grade of C or Accuplacer Coll. Math Subscore test with a minimum score of 066

9) Student Learning Outcomes:

                                                (i) University Goal #6 - Information literacy

                                                (ii) University Goal #7 - Problem-solving abilities

                                                (iii) University Goal #8 - Technological literacy