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         Read: 8.6 - car financing

         Do: Bring your calculator...we will do chapter problems...practice book problems 

         Resources: Class Notes , Solutions to Quiz 4 here

                Announcements: Quiz 5 on car buying (8.6) this Friday (Feb 16)

         Read: Finish 1.3 (regular expressions), start 1.4 (non-regularity & "pumping lemma")

         Do: Homework 3 due Mon Feb 12...we will do more book problems this week

         Resources: Class Notes 

                Announcements: Midterm Feb 28 in class    

         Read: Open source text is here

         Do: Try to prove the next few propositions on our list

         Resources: Class Notes, ZFC Axioms, Definitions, Moore Method proposition list, Crazy Function, Scorecard   



        P-1 text here, .xls discount program here Insurance/Risk Notes, Mortality Tables

        Online prob/stat tables and calculator here

        Summary of discrete distributions here

        Actuarial Notation here 

        LSAT Study Guide with Solutions here...takes a while to load

        This is a password protected pdf file...see David Steckler for password









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