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         Read: Chapter 5

         Do: Take-home part of final here...we will discuss..due July 24 by Pony Express            

         Resources: Class Notes, Stirling Table, Partition Table, Twelve-Fold Way, Rook Polynomials, Midterm Solutions, Orbit/Stabilizer Theorem, Burnside's Lemma 

                 Announcements: Last class Thursday July 20 (25 Q T/F final plus takehome), BONUS QUESTION

         Link: Get access to FGCU software (Maple) via virtual lab here              

        P-1 text here, .xls discount program here Insurance/Risk Notes, Mortality Tables

        Online prob/stat tables and calculator here

        Summary of discrete distributions here

        Actuarial Notation here 

        LSAT Study Guide with Solutions here...takes a while to load

        This is a password protected pdf file...see David Steckler for password









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